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Bedtimes - It's a Trick MV

Bedtimes - 'It's a Trick' Music Video

Regardless of the medium, through art I am constantly searching for a world of natural beauty. A cave of unexplainable phenomena, light and sound that exists hidden within our physical world. The creation of Bedtimes gave me a format to search for these worlds, a name for this desire.

As a musician I strive to build off natural instruments, using them in a way that sounds unexplainably natural yet impossible to place. I'm often recording pieces of nature and weaving them into a beat, trying to draw the listener into an equally physical and emotional space. I long to find places within the sounds of our natural world that nobody visits, a familiar yet unfamiliar sound. 

As the debut release of Bedtimes' first EP, the music video for "It's a Trick" fully embodies my artistic intentions. The visuals were created using a simple trick: smashing drops of ink/paint mixtures in-between two pieces of clear acrylic. When pressed evenly and tightly, even a single drop of ink can be expanded out over a large area. As the ink is pushed and stretched, detailed patterns of air bubbles form in-between the fiberglass. By adding more pressure to different corners of the glass, the flow and movement of the bubbles can be manipulated. The entire video was shot with a macro lens, hiding the technique in a tight crop. The result is a series of beautifully natural movements and forms, shown through a mysterious eye.