Shigeto: Hovering (VR)

Shigeto: Hovering

Hovering was inspired by the role that water has had on our planet. It was gifted to us in the form of a destructive comet, but in time was the key ingredient to our existence. These events have played the role of genocide, sculptor, and creator. This film shows both sides, a balance brought by nature.

While the life of one organism may have flourished on this planet, this ecumenopolis was built upon the sacrifice of many natural systems. We are first exposed to any natural disaster as an evil force, destroying the lives of many. Viewed from a grander scale it becomes a rejuvenation, returning the balance of nature to the planet. I'm constantly inspired by the works of nature, a large scale system that only knows to balance itself. Its easy for us to get caught up in the importance of our own finite existence; our jobs, friends, worries, successes. While these may become the most important and seemingly permanent concepts in our life...human beings and their impact on the planet are not of any significant importance. The values we assign to ourselves don't weigh into the balance of nature. We could be gone in an instant, and while that would mean mass chaos for us...a copious amount of life would flourish in our place. We will be remembered by only ourselves, and when there is nobody else left...plants will grow, water will flow.




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DIRECTOR:                                   Conor Grebel

STORYBOARD ARTIST:              Cale Ajioka

DESIGN / ANIMATION:               Conor Grebel, Chase Hochstatter, Peter Clark

MUSIC:                                          Shigeto

LABEL:                                          79 Ancestors