KIND is a short film made by Peter Clark, Conor Grebel, Chase Hochstatter and Austin Hochstatter for Positive Economy Forum's 2015 event in Le Havre, France.  We based our direction around a quote provided by two of the event speakers:

”What kind of planet are we going to leave to our children? 
What kind of children are we leaving behind for our planet?"
~Pierre Rahbi & Jérôme Salte



The titles were created with a laptop monitor displaying graphics while a layer of acrylic tubes distorted the image.  Led lights were moved around the acrylic tubes in order to create saturated color reflections.




These surreal landscapes were constructed by bending large mylar sheets into mountainous forms. We waved LED bulbs off camera to create the light that bends and crawls across the mylar. Mylar may very well be our favorite material. When you are in a love affair with mirrored surfaces, a giant roll of bendable mirror sheet will easily win your heart.



As practical SFX geeks, we put a lot of effort in making our graphics in camera. Meaning what you see on screen is what you would see in real life on shoot, beautified by a tricky camera angle and some light post-processing (usually coloring). The orb presented a challenge, as we wanted a warping sphere to be floating in the middle of the scene, so while staying true to our morals we bent the rules a little bit. The orbs you see below are a separately recorded pass of crystal vases that were reconstructed into a looping sphere texture using 3D software. 





The orb interior worlds were created with a mixture of live mylar video textures, cinema 4D and Arnold Renderer.  Chase & Austin Hochstatter did various explorations on structures and render styles before deciding on the alien interior space.




Design & Animation
Peter Clark, Conor Grebel,
Austin Hochstatter & Chase Hochstatter


Special Thanks
Kook Ewo & Laure Chapalain
Positive Economy Forum