TVRQUOISE - Paralyzed Legs

TVRQUOISE - Paralyzed Legs MV

Paralyzed Legs is the music video highlighting the debut of LA duo, "Tvrquoise". The video was an open collaboration friends, combining a variety of visual concepts into a narrative. Using projections, water, fog, fabrics, and dance, we see the story of a woman struggling with her personified self confidence demons. At first the character is being tormented by her demons, pushed and pulled at its whim. After a respite from the battle, she is torn and exhausted by the struggle. Only then does she seize the opportunity to attack her fears, emanating a confidence from within.  It's a path we must all walk down when learning to coexist with our demons.


Stills from the video




Director of Photography:  Wynn Padula

Joe Picard


Design & Direction:           Conor Grebel

Michael Williams

Peter Clark

Ian Colon

Stormy Pyeatte


Editing:                               Conor Grebel

Ashley Rodhlom


Music:                                 Tvrquoise