Conor Grebel / Bedtimes 

3D Design / Concept Art / Art Direction / MUSIC - INTERACTIVE & FILM

"I'm not like...a words guy"



2015 - 2018

+ Freelance 3D Design & Art Direction

Freelance Clients:


+ Worked on multiple VR projects as art director + key concept artist.

Here Be Dragons

+ Pitched on multiple VR games as art director + key concept artist. 


+ Concept artist on multiple commercial, film, and game concepts. Currently the only public projects are visible here, and here


+ Year long collaboration with Framestore + Occulus as art director + key concept artist for an upcoming VR game. 


+ Worked with the Daydream + VR team many times as a 3D designer. One of the projects completed together was Daydream Audio Factory

The Game Awards

+ I worked as a designer / animator for The Game Awards' branding package in 2015 & 2017


+ I was part of the small design team that created the new video identity for the Vice music hub, Thump. 


+ Key designer for Tycho's only music video, as well as his live visuals.

Eric Prydz

+ Art direction for Prydz's music video, Generate. Also worked as a 3D Designer + Animator for the intro to his live show

Obscura Digital

+ Have collaborated with this studio on multiple projects, both professionally and personally. Notably on the VORTEX 2.0 Planetarium show

Symmetry Labs

+ I have a long time partnership with Symmetry labs as a Sculpture designer + concept artist. Together we have designed a large number of beautiful LED sculptures and interactive experiences. 


+ Have worked with Tool many times as a 3D designer and Sculpture designer.

Detailed breakdown of all client work can be found here.

2012 - 2015

+ Autofuss + Bot & Dolly / Designer


+ CG Master Academy - UE4 Modular Enviroments

+ University of Wisconsin - Madison / BFA Japanese Language