Wood Swimmer



WoodSwimmer is a film collaboration between genius animator Brett Foxwell and Conor Grebel (Bedtimes). Brett has a history of defying human standards for patience and passion, sometimes spending months on what amounts to a few seconds of film. his last film, Fabricated, took 10 years to create. The result is a masterpiece beyond what anybody could expect from one person. Brett had been spending the better part of a year creating the shots for WoodSwimmer before coming to me. Brett constructed a motion control camera rig that captures sections of wood as they where slowly shaved off by a milling machine. After seeing the footage I was immensely inspired, and agreed to write a track for it and help with the edit. Over a series of many months we edited the piece into the film you see above. WoodSwimmer is to be released on the upcomming Bedtimes album. 





Director:                         Brett Foxwell

Edit & Music:                  Conor Grebel

Typography:                   Rowan Ogden