YTMA 2015

YTMA 2015

YouTube Music Awards

For the 2015 YouTube Music Awards, Autofuss created a musical environment you could step into, made entirely of floating laser light. The launch film introduces this digital awards show with a physical exploration of light and sound. Utilizing a scan-rate trick we discovered using the laser projector in combination with a digital camera, we were able to capture moments of light being suspended in mid-air. My role was concepting and designing for the laser projector, as well as the live controlling of the lasers during the shoot. 




Stills from the video 






I've worked with projections and volumetric light before, but always using video projectors. Nothing compares to the bright, crisp beam of a laser projector. To see light visualized in a tangible 3D form is an experience that thrills everyone the first time they see it. As one of my favorite mediums, even now I cant resist but to reach out and touch the beams as they sparkle with particulate fog. 

The laser projector brought with it a brand new set of difficult procedures. Limited to only line-work animations, the laser projector uses an array of quickly spinning mirrors to rapidly reflect a beam into the path of the texture you feed it. It is not a constant image and cannot be relied on for complete repeatability. The process to project custom animations from C4D had many steps that often took half a day to even preview, but the results were beautiful and always made the effort  worthwhile. 

Ultimately this project was a series of late nights making good memories with people I love. Through months of fog were born new friends and fresh ideas. I'm thankful for everyone I met on this project, and everything I learned. Here is a behind the scenes edit of the magic and love that went into this project. 




YTMA Show Film Crew

Tarik Abdel-Gawad

Yovel Schwartz

Executive Producer
Bill Galusha

Director of Photography
Joe Picard

Ashley Rodholm

Design & Animation
Conor Grebel
Jason Kerr
Peter Clark
Rowan Odgen
Wendie Ing

Lighting Technician
Phil Reyneri

Production Coordinator
Johnny Carroll

1st Assistant Camera
Dean Snodgrass

Lasers Provided by
Future Weapons Laser and Lighting Design
Lightwave International

Laser Operators
Adam Labay
Eliav Kadosh
Mike Lee

Electric Dept.
Charles Griswald - Gaffer
Joseph Scott - Gaffer / Best Boy
Alan Steinheimer - Gaffer

Grip Dept.
Don Henderson - Key Grip
Tod Stoneman - Key Grip
Mark Otewalt - Key Grip
Rick Edmondson - Best Boy
Duane Robinson - Rigging Grip
Jay Coakley - Best Boy

Assistant Editor
Ian Colon

Harald Boyesen

Sound Design & Mix
Jeremy Bowker - Skywalker Sound

Chris Martin - SPY a FotoKem Company

Post Finishing & Online
Darren Orr
David Aughenbaugh
Devin Earthman
Lori Williams


Behind-the-Scenes Crew

Creative Director
Ashley Rodholm

Director & Editor
Ian Colon

Joe Picard
Aron Pruiett
Ian Colon
Dakota Wilder Smith
Patrick Walsh
Cody Towner

Title Design
Peter Clark

Carey Burens - SPY

Jingle Punks

Sound Design
Disher Music

Sound Mix

Paul Zahnley - Disher Music