Daydream Audio Factory (VR)

Daydream audio factory (vr)

The Daydream Audio Factory is a Virtual Reality experience that highlights key features of the Daydream Audio Engine. It exhibits the impact of the Google VR spatial audio tools by presenting evocative sound design and compelling visuals with simple interactive tasks to keep the user engaged. The project was featured at the Game Developers Convention and Google I/O 2017 as a showcase for developers and VR enthusiasts. It is now available to the public on the Google Play Store.

Working intimately with the Immersive Arts team we created a fun and visually compelling game that highlighted the newly developed spacial audio engine. My role began by taking the initial creative proposal and visual reference to create a workable visual language that aligns with google's visual standards and the capabilities of the hardware running the game. After weeks of style-frames and Unity blockout experimentation, we landed on a visual technique that spoke to the team. Working together we translated the key components of the audio engine into representational environments to best highlight those features. Until the product delivery date I stayed on to oversee the development of the game, as well as continue to create game ready assets + textures.

Here is a short breakdown of the tasks I was responsible for on this project:

Scene design
In game look dev
3D modelling
Unity prototyping
Music direction
Supplementary sound design
Development of concept and narrative

Working on a small team with properly allocated skill-sets has always been a creative dream of mine, and this project has helped that dream come to fruition. Below I have included key captures from the different levels:



The lobby was the introduction to the game and brief tutorial of interactions necessary for the following tasks. A brief story and visual tone are set in this modest yet playful reception room before you enter the more fantasy-driven floors of the Daydream Audio Factory.





The generator room environment is a large cement hall with cables pinned among the giant pillars. There is a generator laying at your feet with a power cable unplugged next to it. As you plug it in a wave of electric sound zooms up the cable, up to the pillars, and all around leading you to the next cable to plug in. The audio follows the cable and leads your attention from puzzle to puzzle. As the cables come to life it unsettles some rested birds which fly past you in an immersive flutter of flapping wings. Once all cables are plugged in the room comes alive with sound and light. This room highlights the distance and direction capabilities of the audio engine. 





In this lush greenhouse you are prompted to help water the bamboo stalks by creating unique combinations of audio sustenance to feed the plants. By turning the spigot handles on the pipes in front of you, an orb emitting a unique audio tune is created. When you drop the orb into the receptacle opposite of the spout, water filled with ambient tones rains down on a quadrant of the greenhouse, bringing light and music to the bamboo. A final composition of rustling leaves, drips, and Brian Eno inspired music fills the room upon completion. 





The boiler room is a mechanical soundscape of gears and cranks, disparate machines that share a tempo. When activating all the areas a driving cohesive beat is formed, allowing you to progress to the next level. 





The final room is a modular space brought to life by playing instruments representing the previous rooms and puzzles you've traveled through. Once you figure out how to play each one, a song begins playing using a combination of all the instruments. The walls of the space open and close throughout the song revealing a much larger space and playing with the audio engine's natural reverb / space capabilities.